Welcome to my website.

I am G. M. Nazmul Hossain Somrat, a computer professional from Bangladesh. Iam reading on Computer Science & Telecommunication Engineering in Noakhali Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

Currently, I am working as a freelancer on various market-places. The main interest is to form a computer based professional team in Bangladesh. I gained the experience to develop web and very specifically on Laravel . You can find details in about page.

I like to read, write and discuss on various science topics. I like to write blog and read blog. Blog provides the knowledge sharing space for all. Just give a try. Believe me it’s really fun! It’s my keen interest to know the people from multi-culture.

It will be much appreciated to get your feedbacks.. You can find me on eng.nazmuolhossain@gmail.com. You can also contact with me using contact page.

Thanking you.
Nazmul Hossain.

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